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For ad rates please call 630-427-0409

Thanks for inquiring about advertising in Ledfoot! We have been publishing for 15 years now and still maintain many of the advertisers that started out with us in 1998. That is a true testament of our hard work and determination to provide our customers with a superior and affordable advertising medium. 

Our bi-monthly publishing schedule allows for above average market saturation. We very rarely have returned copies and if we do, we distribute those at car shows and other events. So, you can be sure that your advertising dollar is not being wasted. 

The paper goes fast once it hits the shelves and at the various events we attend to hand out the paper! Now we are offering our digital issues to increase our reach and keep your ads visible to potential customers well into the future. The "E-Zine", "E-Edition", "Digital issue", or whatever you want to consider it, is the exact same as our hard copies and will be on-line for years, keeping your advertising money working! Our prices are  very inexpensive and we can tailor a program to fit your budget. Whether it is the Ledfoot newspaper, website, or our Facebook and email newsletter advertising, we can get you noticed and help to maximize your advertising dollar.

Please give us a call and we can design a campaign that is right for your business. Please call April Miller at 630-427-0409 phone/ voice mail.

We deliver bundles of papers to over 1200 locations in and around Chicagoland for distribution to the automotive enthusiast for FREE!  Auto parts stores, speed shops, cycle shops, convenient stores, gas stations, restaurants and other automobile related businesses help get your ad in the right hands!

  • Unique distribution, we get in front of your targeted customer!

  • "Hand out " distribution at numerous tracks, events, and shows!

  • Up front distribution numbers, we’ll show you our printing receipts!

  • Story opportunities to promote your event, product or service!

We print 35,000 to 40,000 copies each issue (depending on season). We will show you our printing receipts to prove it! Ask any other publications to verify their production and see what they say! Also, don't get misled by other publications by their "funny" numbers,  their "Readership" numbers are figured sometimes if every copy of their publication is read by 4 or 5 different people. We are here to help you get business, not hurt you! For as little as $30 an issue you can start advertising in Ledfoot!

We can tailor an affordable marketing campaign within your budget. Give us a try and see why some of the leading shops in Chicagoland have been with us since 1998! Call April Miller now 630-427-0409 or email her at