6:00pm to 9:00pm

17 E. Burlington Street
Riverside, IL

Type of Event:
Cruise Night
14 Trophies for the Best Koolest Vehicles
1 Participant's Choice 

Registration: Free 

Car Show Info: 866-4RSHOWS 

Riverside is a quaint little town with great residents that all turn out for our car events. We do three Thursday cruise nites in Riverside. These are well attended events. We even filled the street in the rain one time. These Cruise Nites are on Burlington Avenue east of Riverside / Woodside Road right in the heart of Riverside. Great food places to eat and business owners welcome you with open arms. Everyone comes out and many organizations have different food and activities planned. If you can't bring your vehicle just come on down and check it out. These are always great nights out with free drawings, raffles and giveaways. 

Great place to hang out and see a lot of different vehicles.

Sponsor Rick Rovella from Riverside Garage does a great job parking cars and he is really into the classics. So much so that he hosts one of our largest events each year in Riverside on the last Sunday of September at his Riverside Garage location. 

See you there,
Bob & Maribel and the Showcase Team

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